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ECOSPAN precast concrete arch systems are used for bridges, tunnels, underpasses and underground containment structures. Several shapes are available to fit a variety of site conditions. Spans range from 12 to 80 feet and beyond. Using precast concrete headwalls and wingwalls, an entire structure can often be installed in one day.

Some of the benefits of using precast concrete aches:

1. Precast arches often use less concrete than other options resulting in less shipping weight and a smaller crane 
2.  Minimal long-term maintenance 
3.  Fast installation to minimize road closure
4. Long service life, similar to the durability of reinforced concrete pipe
5. Long-span arches allow for minimal stream disturbance during construction
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The "Bridge in a Backpack" is a lightweight, corrosion resistant system for short to medium span bridge construction using FRP composite arch tubes that act as reinforcement and formwork for cast-in-place concrete. The arches are easily transportable, rapidly deployable and do not require the heavy equipment or large crews needed to handle the weight of traditional construction materials.

Some of the benefits of a Bridge in a Backpack:

1. Lightweight. Bridge-in-a-Backpack tubes are 1/250th the weight of a 70 ft concrete girder
2. Longer lasting. Composite structural members require no painting, will  not rust, crack or spall and have been tested to 75+ years of truck traffic  with no loss in strength 
3. Safe. Extensive laboratory testing demonstrates that Bridge-in-aBackpack exceeds code requirements
4. Congestion relief. Lighter, modular bridges allow for accelerated bridge construction which reduces traffic congestion during construction
5. System is applicable to a wide range of geometries. Single span bridges from 25 ft. to 70 ft. and multi-span designs exceeding 800 ft.
6. Reduced carbon footprint

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