EROSION CONTROL

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Submar's UltraFlex mats are articulated concrete blocks designed for maximum erosion control. Submar/Viatek UltraFlex mats are manufactured in Puerto Rico to ensure the highest standards of quality, short deliveries and savings in shipping and handling.

The Ultraflex mats are installed over a geotextile or geogrid that promotes proper drainage and allows for natural vegetative growth, adding lasting benefits to the property. The interlocking blocks enable easy, economical installation in areas prohibitive of heavy equipment due to site constraints and remote access. By design, these mats can be installed in stages as a project progresses or as a budget allows.

UltraFlex Applications:

• Bridge Abutments
• Boat Access and Ramps
• Canals, Streams and Bayous
• Channel Lining
• Dams and Spillways
• Drainage Ditches
• Embankments
• Levees and Dikes
• Low-Water Stream Crossings
• Outfall Protection
• Retention Basins
• Riverbank/Slope Protection
• Roads (Temp/Haul)
• Scour Protection
• Shorelines
• Weirs and Overflow Channels
UltraFlex Characteristics:

• Ideal for vegetative growth
• Environmentally friendly
• Traversable surface
• Time-tested strength
• Conforms to ground contours
• Durable performance
• Long-lasting performance
• Value-added erosion solutions
• On-site installation by Viatek
• Engineered submittals
• Site-specific customized
  mat sizes
• Installation assistance 

UltraFlex Articulated Concrete Block Mats (ACBMs)
1. Site preparation            2. Product delivery       3. Placement of ACBMs     4. Backfill             5. Finished products