​                                                                                             VIAMAT    

Permeable Articulating Concrete Block/Mat 
VIAMAT  is a flexible matrix of interlocking concrete blocks with it's own integrated storm water management system.  VIAMAT creates a performance pavement that integrates the patented arched reservoir to maximize onsite stormwater capacity. VIAMAT improves the typical storm hydrograph and increases environmental performance while reducing stormwater infrastructure costs. 

VIAMAT can be pre-assembled in a variety of configurations customized for specific applications and installed very quickly with conventional construction equipment.

VIAMAT allows for a more natural (vertical) infiltration path, recharging local groundwater and reducing first flush pollutants. By reducing a typical storm hydrograph while also filtering out suspended sediments this combination of Best Management Practices (BMP's) illustrate stellar life-cycle cost savings, clearly making the VIAMAT System a superior choice for effective paving and stormwater management.

Additional Benefits:

  • Available in several color options
  • Fast and economical installation
  • LEED Certified, 5 points
  • Available in multiple mat sizes for customized applications
  • Manufactured in Puerto Rico
  • Adaptable to small areas where retention ponds are not practical

VIAMAT Pavedrain System Installation

VIAMAT system is very easy to install:

  • The fist step is to level the finished subgrade. 
  • Second step is to install edge restraints and  prepare the open graded base materials because they must be free of fine materials allowing them to provide maximum storage capacity of runoff and ensuring a free flowing path to the soil.
  • Using screed boards, place a 1-2 inch layer of moistened AASHTO No. 8 stone onto the open graded base. 
  • Attach VIAMAT mats securely to supplied spreader bar or bulldozer and lay them to pre-determined area for placement of the first mat.

The VIAMAT system is very easily maintained. Each individual VIAMAT block interlocks and is surrounded by 6 additional units. (SEE ON THE RIGHT SIDE). By eliminating this layer of aggregate at the surface the VIAMAT  System does not have particles trapped at the surface within the small rocks that ultimately requires frequent sweeping, vacuuming and maintenance as found with permeable pavers.

The 3/8" joint between the individual VIAMAT blocks is a well designed balancing act between form and functionality. The gap is well within ADA requirements, but also allows a significant amount of water to drain down the sides WITHOUT becoming clogged with sediment particles. Over time the sediment particles continue to be washed down into the larger diameter stone bedding layer. Leaves and other small biodegradable materials will be broken down in the aggregate bedding layer from the water and air that is allowed into penetrate down into the system.


The VIAMAT system is easily repaired in short 3 steps:

                             STEP 1:                                                    STEP 2:                                          STEP 3
Hammer out and remove the broken block              Clear the wires      Slide the new block down in the of the old 
VIAMAT® is doing business as a Registered Trade name of PaveDrain, LLC  and Viatek Corporation.
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