ASP Adjustable Pipe Support

Adjustable Pipe Support is designed specifically for use on rooftop without adhesive, roof penetrations, flashings or damage to roofing system. Utilized to support HVAC duct with adjustable height. Use in connection with strut clamps or roller accessories for pipe support. Weight disbursed over 454 sq. in. per support. Custom heights are available.
ASP Crossover System

A crossover bridge is for either rooftop or land site application providing an avenue for foot traffic, while protecting cable trays and pipelines. The ramp has a 12" clearance from the roof surface. 

Material: Galvanized Steel Polypropylene Bases
Weight:420 lbs
ASP Duck Support

Designed to support HVAC duct. Weight dispersed over 454 sq. in. per support. Maximum recommended distance between supports is 10' unless otherwise specified. Custom heights available.  

Materials: Polypropylene Base 1-5/8" x 1-5/8" strut bracket
12 ga.; ½" bolts;  ½" washers & ½" nuts
ASP Adjustable Support Bridge

Adjustable Support Bridge is designed specifically for use on rooftop without adhesive, roof penetrations, flashings or damage to roofing system. Designed to support Ø4” and larger pipes. Crossbar is height adjustable. Optional items include suspending hangers from crossbar to support pipe at required heights and using strut clamps or rollers directly on crossbar. Weight disbursed over 1816 sq. in. per support. Custom heights are available.
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Zero Penetrating Roof Equipment Support Platforms
ASP Equipment Platforms

ASP’s Equipment Platforms offer what no other do - a reliable method for fast tract installations while cutting construction cost in manpower and material. The fast tract installations allow carriers to start up weeks, maybe months, before schedule. While we provide standard and modular platforms, we also offer a professional design team ready to create a platform to suit your application.

Standard platforms are designed support the specific equipment of many major telecom companies.